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Gymnastics Clubs of Australia

Gymnastics Clubs Australia is the Peak Industry Association for Gymnastics Clubs in Australia.
GCA unites Clubs through education, advocacy and community – resulting in an enhanced, growing Industry.
Membership benefits include a wide range of personal, professional and educational opportunities; and access to platforms and activities that provide the ready ability to connect and engage in the broad Gymnastics Clubs Community.

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Our platform, coupled with expert program curriculum content, provides you with the perfect solution to improve and standardize your instructor skill and safety training.

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United States Swim School Association

The United States Swim School Association believes in the importance of life-long water safety, equipping individuals of all ages with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in aquatic environments. Our members’ highly trained instructors instill a sense of confidence and appreciation for the water – utilizing tactics that prioritize both safety and fun.

Over the past 35 years, the United States Swim School Association has grown to become the largest swim school association in the country, representing not only swim schools but all learn to swim programs.

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United States Gymnastics Suppliers Association

We are the world’s largest association of Gymnastics Suppliers and Manufacturers. We are here to help guide, develop and lead the industry for a better future for gymnasts, coaches, clubs and companies servicing the gymnastics community. We participate in information gathering that is used to promote and better the sport.

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The Bridge Dance Project

The Bridge Dance Project builds bridges between the competition and commercial dance community and the dance medicine and science community by providing easily accessible, readily applicable, and personally empowering information.

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RG Social Enterprises Club

Ross Gage Social Enterprises Club works with good-fit organisations and companies – those where a positive community impact can be made – particularly around children’s activities. We are into Building Better Bigger Brighter!

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Ninja Zone

NinjaZone is a fusion of obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement with the freedom for kids to progress and learn at their own pace.

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Hope Floats Foundation

Hope Floats partners with high-quality swim schools to provide scholarships for swimming lessons for children living in poverty. Hope Floats raises money by partnering with individuals, businesses, and foundations that want to be a force for good in their communities. Scholarships and tuition assistance is provided to children who might not otherwise be able to afford swim lessons.

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Canadian Cheer

With over 10,000 athletes competing in Canadian Cheer competitions across the country, we are dedicated to promoting the progress of the youngest athletes, nurturing the development of all skill levels, and celebrating the best in sport across all our events.

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