Together we form the future of Child Development Programs!

Member-driven, non-profit community globally uniting youth sports, arts and education associations, industry suppliers and business professionals.

Our Collective Journey to Excellence

Collaboration by Design

Global Scope - as an IACDP member, you join hands with all industry segments working for the betterment of child development and safety. We grow stronger TOGETHER.

Memberships Benefits

High Performance Events

The IACDP hosts four (4) events per year. Members get discounted ON-SITE event rates, and 50% off of LIVE-STREAM events. Members can apply to present for free admission.

Upcoming Events

Research Projects

The combined talents and resources of all IACDP partners are applied to research projects that we jointly choose to fund. Quarterly surveys determine our member's primary interest areas.

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Global Partnerships to Enhance Child Development Programs, Providers & Associations

GLOBAL: World-wide, across the youth sports, arts and education industries.

PARTNERSHIPS: Associations, service/product providers, businesses, professionals.

TO ENHANCE: Enhancing the quality of education and child-centered businesses.

CHILD: Advancing the education, safety and wellness of children. Mentally – Emotionally – Physically – Creatively – Academically - and as future leaders.

DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: Networking industry entities to improve programs.

PROVIDERS: Opportunities for service/product providers to collaborate and learn.

ASSOCIATIONS: Opportunities for associations to collaborate and learn.

What People Are Saying About IACDP

As an owner of multiple gymnastics centers and an events company, I support the IACDP purpose &  mission! 

Randy Sikora (USA)

As a business owner and supplier, I salute the formation of the IACDP, and am pleased to be an initial Board member!  

Lorraine Currie (Canada)

Singapore Gymnastics is a proud supporter of the IACDP. I appreciate the opportunity to grow SG alongside peers!

Karen Norden (Singapore)

On a military base, it sometimes can feel isolated. I am delighted to be an IACDP Member to keep a global perspective! 

Tiffany Mills (Japan)

I am honored to serve on the IACDP Board of Directors. The IACDP is the future of quality child development programs. 

Dr. Nancy Bates (USA)

Congrats IACDP - it will cause needed change, growth and connectivity. I am delighted to be an Ambassador member! 

Vicki Flamsteed (Australia)

This is EXACTLY what our industry needs- a supporting, guiding trustworthy regulatory body that will foster deep connections for children’s well-being all over the world!

Tania Williams (South Africa)

Tumbl Trak and the US Gymnastics Suppliers Association are proud to support the IACDP in its global mission.. 

Stacy Finnerty (USA)

Count Active Attitude in! The IACDP site makes me very happy! Cheers! 

Ashleigh McCaw (New Zealand)

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