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“One-of-a-Kind” High-Performance Conference

San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA) – May 7-9, 2024


Global Partnerships to Enhance Child Development Programs,
Providers & Associations

Global Partnerships

World-wide, across youth sports, arts and education industries

Associations, service/product providers, businesses, professionals

Enhance Child Development

Advancing the education, safety and wellness of children. Mentally – Emotionally – Physically – Creatively – and Academically

Enhancing the quality of education and child-centered businesses

Industry Collaboration

Opportunities for programs, providers and associations to collaborate and learn

Networking amongst various industry entities to improve programs


The IACDP is committed to making a significant impact on Child Development Programs. Our community of members makes our mission possible. Every level of memberships plays an essential role in forming the future of Child Development Programs world-wide. Your IACDP Membership is tax-deductible.

Membership Levels

  • Single Location Child Activity Center
  • Multiple Location Child Activity Center
  • Individual Professional
  • Supplier Membership Options

On-Site & Live-Stream Events

Professional excellence is the goal – for associations, suppliers and professional businesses. At events, whether on-site or online, we learn from one another. This synergistic collaboration not only helps us form our own futures, but also forges the Child Development Program industry forward to ensure children all around the world have the best in youth sports, arts and entertainment for many years to come.