Our target is to UNIFY the Child Development Program industry by formulating and communicating (sharing) our collective Journey To Excellence

Working together in the IACDP as Child Development Centers, Suppliers, Associations and Professionals, we achieve this mission in a number of ways:

  • undertaking research projects; 
  • hosting high performance conferences (on site and virtual); 
  • conducting executive-level training, and publishing and
  • distributing a wide variety of educational materials.

We seek to positively and significantly impact the global delivery of Child Development Programs at the grass-roots Business level, at the Service|Product Provider level, and at the Association level.

Global Partnerships to Enhance Child Development Programs, Providers and Associations

  • GLOBAL: World-wide, across Sports, Arts and Education industries.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: Associations, Service|Product Providers, Businesses, Professional Individuals.
  • TO ENHANCE: Enhancing the quality of education and business in Child Development Programs.
  • CHILD: Advancing the Education and Wellness of Children. Mentally – Emotionally – Physically – Creatively – Academically - and as Future Leaders.
  • DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: Networking quality industry entities to improve Programs.
  • PROVIDERS: Opportunities for Service|Product Providers to learn from each other and collaborate. The IACDP is not in competition with industry Service|Product Providers - we work together
  • ASSOCIATIONS: Opportunities for Associations to learn from each other and collaborate. The IACDP is not in competition with other industry-specific Associations - we work together


  • Trust – We trust each other to be transparent, honest and sincere in all dealings.
  • Respect – We respect the value of each organization and each individual.
  • Collaboration – We use synergy to achieve outcomes that could not be otherwise realized.
  • Quality – We strive to produce high-quality outcomes for all Partners in their child-centered missions.
  • Legacy – We are dedicated to leaving a legacy of excellence in the Child Development Industries.